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Primrose: домашняя одежда, пижамы и аксессуары из натурального шелка
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Купить пижамы бренда Primrose вы можете в нашем интернет магазине. Именно здесь вас ждет идеальная одежда для сна!


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Primrose: special homewear

Gentle Family Look, playful pajamas with shorts, set with owner initials, gift to your darling with the symbolics known only to you both – Primrosé creates a home image at will of the client and embodies it in natural silk of premium quality.

The Primrosé brand was created in 2014. We produce homewear and accessories made of natural silk, offer custom tailoring of products, create pajama sets for special cases. Natural silk always served as a symbol of beauty and wealth. Possibility of individual silk threads embroidery on pajamas allows to personalize your own set or a gift to relatives.